Specialized Educational Recommendations for Children with the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome

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Getting Targeted Assistance for Schools

Do you have a student with the 22q11.2, Velo Cardio Facial, or DiGeorge?

 Now is the time for staff training.  Please contact me to arrange a 1-2 hour personalized staff meeting via SKYPE to learn about the syndrome and how to insure a great start for your new student.  

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Families dealing with the 22q11.2 deletion can now apply for a limited amount of FREE consulting services offered through Cutler-Landsman Consulting.  

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This option will continue to be available in 2016 through the generosity of

Ryan Dempster.

Making learning fit the needs of the child.

Donna Cutler-Landsman 22q11.2 Deletion Advocacy

The 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (also known as Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome and DiGeorge ) affects 1 in 1000 students, yet most educators and physicians remain unaware of the unique learning needs of these children.  It is a relatively newly recognized condition, but over 20 years of research has greatly enhanced our understanding of how to best meet the needs of students impacted by it.  The genetic test to identify the syndrome has only been available since 1994, so older adults may have no idea that they have this genetic disorder. There is a wide variability in the syndrome, but almost all children affected need very specialized educational programs to make  progress academically.  Donna Cutler-Landsman is an author and educator with 35 years of classroom experience.  She has extensive experience in helping craft specialized educational programs for this population.  Services include advocating, staff training and development, transition planning, and school placement recommendations.

Available Services:
  • Educational Consulting including Individual Education Plan (IEP) recommendations and advocacy
  • Instructional Webinars and Staff In-Service 
  • Transition to adulthood planning including Social Security or SSI applications
  • Expert Witness Testimony, Due Process Hearings
  • Publications including the definitive reference on VCFS, 22q11.2, DiGeorge education

Latest news:

Family wins large settlement in educational due process hearing

related to Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome.  

Although I strongly advocate for cooperative problem solving with schools, sometimes families have no choice but to pursue the court system to get needed assistance for their child.  Read an excerpt from this groundbreaking decision that resulted in the district paying for private residential schooling for three years plus attorney's fees.  It is vitally important that districts recognize the complicated nature of this syndrome and to plan educational programs that address the unique learning needs of this population.

Click here for the discussion section of the judge's decision:

Free Webinar Series:

Cutler-Landsman Consulting and the Dempster Family Foundations have partnered to offer a series of education related free webinars.  
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An additional series of webinars targeted specifically to school teachers and staff,  "Striving for School Success:  Understanding the 22q11.2 Syndrome,"  is available in recorded form. There are separate sessions for pre-school/elementary and middle/high school educators.  Click "Staff Training Webinars" on the ruler above for more information.